The Cité internationale is currently undergoing an historic development phase. It has entered into a vast development project, Cité2025, which will witness in 2025 – in other words 100 years after its creation - the construction of 10 new houses and 1800 additional housing units, added to the 6000 existing housing units.

Alongside the construction of new houses, the park has been completely remodelled and reforested. It offers new roads and modernised sporting facilities. This work is funded by an envelope of M€22 allocated by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation under the Campus Plan. 

This is the dynamic context within which the Cité internationale pursues its hosting and guidance missions for mobile students and researchers. With this goal in mind: make the Cité internationale a campus conforming to international standards, exemplary with regard to student life and sustainable development.

New houses

In 2019, the Cité internationale pursues its Cité2025 development programme. A dynamic supported by its partners: the foreign countries that are building new houses but also the Ville de Paris and the Région Île-de-France, firmly committed at its side just like the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the Chancellery of the Universities of Paris. The first country to have joined the Cité internationale in 50 years, South Korea opened its house at the start of the 2018 academic year. It proposes 250 rooms as well as collective areas for Korean and international students and researchers. At the south end of the park, another house opened its doors at the start of the 2018 academic year: the Residence Julie-Victoire Daubié. Thus named to pay tribute to the first woman to have obtained the French baccalauréat, it offers 108 housing units for young researchers. The Maison de l’Île-de-France opened its doors in September 2017, and was entirely financed by the Île-de-France region. A ZEN (Zero Energy) pioneering building, it is the first 100% solar, positive energy multi-unit residential building.

Building projects in progress

Three house building projects are in progress: the Fondation de Chine (China Foundation), the Habib Bourguiba pavilion of the Maison de la Tunisie (House of Tunisia), and the Maison des étudiants de la francophonie (French-speaking students’ House). The work for the Fondation de Chine, the second country to have joined the Cité internationale since 1969, began in spring. The House, whose architecture is inspired by the traditional multi-unit houses of Fujian province, will comprise 300 rooms, community living spaces, and a multi-purpose hall. It will be surrounded by two new houses, work for which began in 2018: the Habib Bourguiba pavilion and the Maison des étudiants de la francophonie, the first stone of which was laid on March 20th 2019.  

A remodelled park and additional green spaces

The Cité internationale boasts the second largest park in Paris. This exceptional 34-hectare landscape heritage forms a recreational and leisure area greatly appreciated by residents and Parisians alike. The evolution and preservation of the park is an essential factor in the campus’s development project. Following two years’ major development work, the park now offers nearly one hectare of additional green spaces, renovated sporting facilities, and new roads serving the recently constructed houses.



Le chantier du pavillon Pavillon Habib Bourguiba (Maison de la Tunisie)
The works on the Habib Bourguiba pavilion (House of Tunisia)


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